What Will a Mesa Disability Attorney Do at My Hearing?

The Social Security disability hearing is where your Mesa disability attorney can do the most good for your claim. It may come as a surprise, then, that your hearing may come and go without any courtroom theatrics or passionate speeches by your lawyer.

Does this mean your attorney isn’t doing his or her job? No. In fact, it probably means that your Mesa disability attorney has already done a good job.

A Social Security disability hearing is not the same as a courtroom trial, even though it takes place in front of a judge. If your records are in order and you have been prepared to testify, your Mesa disability attorney may do very little at the actual hearing. The judge will ask you questions, and you will answer. Your lawyer will only intervene if one of your answers was unclear or if more information is needed.

If the judge calls a vocational or medical expert to testify at your hearing, your attorney will cross-examine him or her. You may also decide to present your own expert witness, whom your lawyer will examine. Though some claimants are good at testifying about their own limitations, most would find it extremely difficult to effectively question an expert’s assumptions.

This is one reason why Social Security claimants are so much more likely to win benefits with a Mesa disability attorney than without one. If you are not already represented, please fill out the form on this page for a free evaluation of your claim.

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